Christian Obumseli

Christian Obumseli

April 14, 2022 Our Blog 0
Former Inmates for Change image-1024x794 Christian Obumseli
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There has been much talk about Christian Obumseli lately; in case you haven’t heard, he’s the young, black man that was stabbed by his white girlfriend.  Prior to his death, Obumseli was very vocal about his dislike for dating black women.

Former Inmates for Change image-1024x794 Christian Obumseli
OnlyFans Murders Courtney Clenney, Christian “Toby” Obumseli

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Credit: Christian Obumseli/Instagram

Some would even argue that his tone and dislike for dating black women was outright disrespectful.  His stance was so disliked that some members of the black community have turned away from Obumseli, essentially canceling him and not really supporting his family’s efforts to seek justice in his case.

If you dive into the story of Obumseli and his girlfriend’s tumultuous relationship, you will find verbal and physical abuse from both parties.  One would ask, why were they even together at this point?  This case is gaining a lot of attention because of course it mixes the racial barriers and because the accused murderer is a mid twenties, white, female, Only-Fans model.

This story screams “LIFETIME movie” and I have a lot of questions; the black community apparently has spoken in regards to Obumseli. There is little to no support for him. He’s fallen into that “sunken place” where Stacey Dash, Kanye, and Candace Owens reside; it’s so bad that his family had to make a statement about Obumseli’s past comments towards black women. Is it because they know that without the black community’s strong support and determination for demanding justice, Obumseli has no chance at obtaining a favorable outcome?

Former Inmates for Change 8cdd7-16494298431874-1920 Christian Obumseli

For Obumseli and those who thought like he did, why do you feel the need to “disrespect” black women in your quest to date white women or women of any other non-african race? Why speak about it? To me, the outbursts only brings to light your own insecurities about why you do not like black women.

Former Inmates for Change Preferences_fromss Christian Obumseli

You don’t  have to explain your preferences; for example, if you like McDonald’s more than Burger King, you wouldn’t rant, rave, or disrespect Burger King, you would just not buy food from Burger King. Why? Because that’s your preference. 

Former Inmates for Change  Christian Obumseli

There is nothing wrong with Burger King, but it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay!
Leave it alone, you are only putting your own insecurities on display for the world to see, and as for this particular case, I’m going to get some popcorn, sit back, and see how this one unfolds.

Former Inmates for Change types-of-friends-everywoman-should-have Christian Obumseli

People may forget exactly what you said, but they never forget how you made them feel, and for Obumseli and the black community, it looks like the feelings are mutual.

Rest in peace young man.


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