Keys to living a purpose-filled life.

Keys to living a purpose-filled life.

April 6, 2022 Our Blog 1
Former Inmates for Change 8F27FF91-1024x1365 Keys to living a purpose-filled life.

What is my purpose? How do I determine my purpose for life.

Gift vs. Purpose

Your gift is something you are better than average at doing. Your gift should come natural and it’s typically something you perform at ease and better than most individuals. Some people can sing, dance, drive, paint, play ball, etc. Your gift is something that is God-given that can be tied to your purpose.

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What is purpose? and how do I identify my purpose?

Former Inmates for Change PURPOSE1 Keys to living a purpose-filled life.

Purpose is that THING you have been called to do. It’s that thing you would do, even if you never get paid for doing it.

Why is Purpose so important? Because it’s the only thing that matters! My biggest fear in life is not becoming a failure but being successful at the wrong thing.

You know they say that the “richest” place on earth is the cemetery.

Former Inmates for Change Woodlawn_National_Cemetery_80ae034d-23cd-431c-8509-c016c3e2c93b Keys to living a purpose-filled life.

Why? Because inside of the cemetery is where many dreams, hopes, aspirations, ideas, etc. that were never born are laid to rest. They never came to fruition because people failed or were too afraid to follow their purpose.

Step 1. Identify your God-given gift

Step 2. Find your purpose

Step 3. Combine your gift and yoeventually.

Key points:

1. Your gifts will fade over time; I don’t care who you are, your gift will eventually fade away.

2. Your purpose will last forever. This is the reason finding your purpose is critical; it’s the thing people will remember about you.

3. Don’t confuse your gift for your purpose. Your gift may earn you a lot of money, but it may not be what you are called to do. Your purpose may not make you any money at all, but it will leave more fulfilled and happy than any dollar amount.


Combine your gift and purpose, and then you must perform that thing for GOD. Whatever you do, do it for God’s divine will. You will not and cannot fail.


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