Former Inmates for Change

Welcome to Former Inmates for Change, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives and building a brighter future for individuals who have faced the challenges of incarceration. Founded on the principles of empowerment, compassion, and community, our organization is committed to breaking the cycle of recidivism and fostering positive influences within society.

At the heart of Former Inmates for Change is a unique collaboration between Law Enforcement Professionals and Formerly Incarcerated individuals. Together, we strive to bridge the gap between these two seemingly disparate worlds, fostering understanding, empathy, and a shared commitment to creating positive change.

Our organization is driven by the belief that everyone deserves a second chance and that with the right support and resources, individuals who have experienced incarceration can rebuild their lives. Through a combination of mentorship programs, educational initiatives, and community outreach, we aim to empower youth, offering them alternatives to a life of crime and incarceration.

What sets Former Inmates for Change apart is the authenticity of our approach. Our team is comprised of dedicated Law Enforcement Professionals who have witnessed the complexities of the criminal justice system firsthand, alongside Formerly Incarcerated men and women who courageously share their stories and experiences. This unique blend of perspectives allows us to address the root causes of criminal behavior while fostering an environment of understanding and redemption.

Our mission is to create a society where individuals who have served their time can reintegrate seamlessly into their communities, equipped with the tools they need to lead fulfilling and productive lives. By promoting education, vocational training, and mental health support, we strive to break down barriers and eliminate the stigma associated with a criminal past.

Former Inmates for Change believes in the power of transformation and the potential for positive change within every individual. Together, we can build a more inclusive and compassionate society, where the mistakes of the past do not define one’s future. Join us in our journey towards a world where second chances are not just given but embraced, and where the cycle of recidivism is replaced with a cycle of hope, opportunity, and lasting change.

Former Inmates for Change